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The First Dedicated
Yoga for Long Covid Programme

Using the simple yet effective ancient practice of Yoga to create a truly holistic course as part of your recovery from Long Covid. Featuring specifically designed Yoga practices and breathwork from Wellness and Medical professionals, the first of its kind Yoga for Long Covid Programme is here to help* you in your return to health.

Finding the right Yoga class when recovering from the unpredictable Long Covid can be very difficult given the myriad of styles available. This is why we have created this course: to give you the peace of mind that you're practising something that has been specifically designed by experienced professionals for the recovery from Long Covid. 

We're learning that suffering from Long Haul Covid can take on many different forms. Brain fog, fatigue, breathing difficulties, are just some of the symptoms associated sufferers report. Yet almost all relay the unpredictability of the post-viral disease - one day feeling relatively normal, and the next day utterly exhausted. 

We also know the recovery from Long Covid not only effects sufferers physically and mentally, but also financially with many unable to attend work, and some no longer in work. 

Yoga for Long Covid by this yoga wants to play its part in helping the millions of people struggling to get better. 

Questions? Visit our FAQs or contact us.

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Easing into Breath and Movement

In this first Yoga for Long Covid class, Charlene McAuley guides you through a series of gently releasing chair-based movements. Establishing Breath & Movement slowly brings you into a place of more ease, strength, and vitality. 


Like every class in the series, we begin and end with focussed breathing. 

Yoga for Long Covid

Discover the tools for improving your respiratory capabilities, muscle strength and mobility, and body-mind ease.

Here's a brief snapshot of what to expect from Yoga for Long Covid. With each Yoga video an accessible 20 minutes, and respiratory exercises around 10 minutes, we've created a programme that can be easily integrated into your wellbeing journey. 

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Week 1

Easing into Breath and Movement

The first week begins with a chair-based 20 minute class designed by Charlene McAuley to gently release stiff joints, ease back tension, and focus on bringing together your breath and movement to improve focus on the here and now. 

In a separate video, Christoph Seiland takes you through two breathing exercises highlighting natural breathing vs wrong breathing. The video features soothing visuals to soothe your nervous system whilst guiding you towards a longer, fuller breath.

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Week 3

Establishing Strength and Release

This week we are experiencing how to encourage both strength and release in the mind-body. In long haul Covid, learning to pace is vital to prevent over-exertion, which is why Week 3 is dedicated to playing with strength and allowing for full release.

In the 20 minute Yoga class, Charlene  guides you through movements both on and off the chair to strengthen the legs, release the hips and create a supple spine. We are steadily increasing the flow of the class, yet options to take it more slowly are always available.

Experience bone-deep relaxation in the Deep Release video. With verbal invitations, soothing music, and calming visuals, Christoph guides you to a place of stillness and rest.

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Week 6

Exploring Fluid Strength & Release

We've reached the final week - maybe it's taken you 6 weeks or 6 months, this is a huge accomplishment.

In the final 20 minute Yoga class, we piece together the previous sessions to create a fluid class highlighting the strength, flexibility, and confidence you've cultivated during the Yoga for Long Covid programme.

In the last breathwork session, you are taught how to breath like a wave to experience the power of your respiratory system, the interplay between your diaphragm and lungs, as well as its deeply rejuvenating effects.



Your doctor has diagnosed you with Long Covid and

Ruled Out

Your doctor has ruled out any underlying causes therefore


Your doctor recommend light physical and breathing exercises

Our Pricing

With a one off payment you can enjoy unlimited access to Yoga for Long Covid movement and breathwork classes over a six month period. 

The online programme features:

  • 6 Yoga classes

  • 3 Breathwork exercises

  • 1 Deep Relaxation

  • 3 Audios of the Breathwork & Relaxation classes to download

  • 1 Mindful Self Compassion audio

Nobody will be turned away for lack of finances. Please email us if you'd like to access the course but do not have the financial means to do so.

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Our Approach 

For the first time ever, my physical and mental symptoms have reduced in tandem, and whilst I've some way to go, I feel so much better than I have for so long. Holistic is a word that is thrown around a lot and has in many ways lost its meaning. 

This truly characterises Charlene's approach and for me has been the only real solution. I would recommend Charlene to anybody without hesitation.

G.T. Manchester (non-Long Covid client)

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The 6 week programme is available for 6 months, which means you can take it at your own pace. You may decide to stay with Week 1 for a few weeks or a month before feeling ready to move on. You decide. 


Yoga for Long Covid is minimally priced to ensure as many people as possible can access this valuable recovery resource. And we know there will be some of you who still cannot afford it. As such, nobody will be turned away for lack of finances. Please email us if you'd like to access the course but do not have the financial means to do so.

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