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Our Story

The global Covid pandemic has impacted all of us, some physically, mentally, or financially. Some of us have and are still being effected on all fronts. After speaking with medical professionals about the shortage of resources available for people suffering from Long Covid, Charlene and Christoph wanted to use their respective skills in Yoga for rehabilitation and medicine to provide a succinct course for those suffering with Long Covid. 

With almost nine years' experience teaching Yoga, Charlene has carved out a niche in using a number of methods to provide the most effective way to help clients recover from physical injuries and suffering from mental/emotional distress. Before moving to Austria, Charlene was Everton FC's First Team Yoga teacher for over a seven year period assisting in the rehabilitation of injured players, and teaches clients from all walks of life. 


A qualified medical doctor, Christoph brings together his passion for Yoga with his extensive knowledge of the human body which has seen him train teachers in Anatomy & Biomechanics in the UK. Practising Yoga for over half of his life and trained in Medicine from the Bio Psycho Social model, Christoph has a unique understanding of what it means to holistically approach health and wellbeing. 

Charlene and Christoph's profound passion for looking at the whole person and not parts has led them to create the first of its kind Yoga for Long Covid programme.

Finally, providing a truly accessible programme also arises out of Charlene's experience of losing her beloved 52 year old aunty, Wendy, to Coronavirus. 

Meet Our Teachers

Here's a quick introduction to the people behind

Yoga for Long Covid.


Charlene McAuley, MA.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Practising Yoga for over 16 years and teaching for almost nine years, I've witnessed within myself and many students the immense benefits of bringing together the wisdom of this ancient tool with newer modalities. Working with a wide range of people, I look at the whole person in front of me and allow who they are and the person they wish to become to inform the practice. Yoga provides the tools for more wellbeing, the person - you, me, and we - bring these tools to life.

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IMG_2383_edited.jpg Christoph Seiland

Breathwork & Relaxation

Probably the first person in my Austrian home town to be practising Yoga 19 years ago, I continue to be fascinated and inspired by this truly holistic practice. Studying Medicine at the University of Graz, I was fortunate to be trained in the biopsychosocial model which emphasises the interconnection of these three factors in human health, yet through the practice of Yoga I already had a sense of their interdependency. Yoga for me is about empowering people to take simple, small steps to understanding themselves and leading a life they truly deserve.

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